Singh Coin- New Age Social Media App Launching Soon

Singh Coin- New Age Social Media App Launching Soon

Currently, we are living in an era of social media. Facebook and other social media platforms are our part of life. But do you earn anything when you share or like any post on Facebook? Well! The answer is ‘NO.’ Let’s avail the chance of earning through social media with the Singh App.

What is Singh Coin?

It is a creator-centric platform. This implies users have a chance to earn Singh Coin through content generation and photo and video sharing on social media networks. It is a 3.0-compatible social media platform.

Singh’s social media is decentralized, unlike any other social media app that works on a centralized database. This increases the trust, transparency, security, and traceability of data that users share.

How do they work?

The companies attempting to create a brand identity will create marketing campaigns and design the reward structure via social tokens. If you are a social media content enthusiast, you can create content for these companies. Here’s where the Singh Coin’s token algorithm will work. The algorithm will rank the contents based on their popularity and the number of likes and shares received. You will receive rewards in the form of the Singh coins as per your ranking. These coins are tradable on the exchanges.

Users can trade coins on cryptocurrency platforms. In addition, the company will award you if you remain active on the social media platform by sharing the content with multiple people and commenting on them. 

The best thing about posting on this decentralized platform is that the content created by you will belong to you and not to the social media companies.

Aim of Singh coin

This platform is a bridge between the crypto market and the marketing sector. It brings the advertising and product placement close to the customer and word-of-mouth.

The company believes that bringing corporations close to the community is an innovative way of brand promotion. In addition, the token-based brand system will motivate users to promote branded materials in their social media circle.

Future of Singh Coin

The concept of the Singh token revolves around the SINGH Ecosystem’s functionality. It is a BEP-20 token that is based on Binance Smart Chain Technology.

Because of the strong community and extensive usage of BSC, it has become the best option for business owners to go viral through their marketing efforts. Creators on the Singh platform can mint NFTs of their posts. If their content gets demanded, they can mint NFT for the same and transfer the copyright and ownership to the companies.

Singh also provides job opportunities.

Singh has excellent relationships with other partner advertising companies. Hence, it allows talented users to be a part of such companies. Thus this platform can give the permanent job to users to improve their lifestyle.

Let your talent receive rewards with SinghCoin.

Quality is always better than quantity when discussing the ecosystem we build. The Singh app determines the content’s quality and rewards the users as per that. The more creative your content is the more rewards you can earn. This app goes the extra mile for social media lovers who create content for free. It wants to reward them for this work.

This app considers all social media lovers instead of only neighbors. Hence this app has established connections with local charities and non-profits. This allows users to share the portion of their social work reward to contribute to the growth of less-developed communities.

Transformation of social media platform

Currently, when the user creates content on social media, it belongs to that particular social media platform instead of that user. However, this app believes in the next level of digitization and has shifted its focus to creator-centric microeconomies, thus motivating new content creators.

Because of the wide usage of the internet, the advertising sector has changed a lot. It has completely changed the marketing activities of the business. Earlier, television was the primary advertising source, and today internet has taken its place.

Let’s join Singh Coin now!

Let’s avail this facility of Singh coin. Don’t miss the chance to earn excellent rewards for creators and users, based on their creativity.

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