Best Theatre Group in Mumbai For Acting

Best Theatre Group in Mumbai For Acting.

Since ancient times, the theatre has been considered a fading art form. Whether or not this is true, it is undeniable that theatre is an integral component of our culture & helps the growth of creatives in many sectors and disciplines. Despite this, many theatre enthusiasts and artists ask, “Why do we need theatre?” Why is Shakespeare required reading in school? In this blog, you will learn about the various theatre that helps you to develop your acting skills. Further, it doesn’t matter if it’s singing, music, or theatre; the city of Mumbai offers a thriving culture of performing arts. In this city of dreams, there is no shortage of possibilities available to budding artists looking to make their mark. If you, too, have been captivated by the lure of the theatre, then one of these acting groups in Mumbai could be able to accommodate you. Here are a few best theatres in Mumbai. Let’s check them out.

1. Five Senses Theater Group

One of the most well-known theatrical companies in Mumbai is called Five Senses Theater Group. It is founded by Hardik Shah. This Mumbai-based organization is both a professional theatre group as well as an acting school in Mumbai. They are continually developing new plays, which are performed at various theatre festivals in India and other countries. Their objective is to create theatre that is both engaging and relevant to contemporary society, as well as to make it financially sustainable. They provide an environment in which the actor can expand upon their own processes to enter inside the skin of their characters, which they have created. During the session, participants will delve into advanced approaches such as in-depth screenplay analysis, the process of creating characters, scene design and building, and a great deal more.

They provide an array of acting classes, such as an Advanced Acting Course, a Weekend Acting Course, a Scene Work-Oriented Workshop, and a Children’s Acting Workshop, all at prices that are within reasonable ranges. You can enroll in these courses at INR 40,000(one time 36,000) for four months, INR 10,000 for two months, INR 7,500 for 15 days, and INR 27,00 (one time 24,000), respectively.

2. Indriyaan Theatre Group

This drama school will teach you everything there is to know about acting before you come into the world of theatre & film, so if you are interested in learning how to act, you should consider enrolling in this school. You will learn how to examine characters, break down scripts, analyze the layers, and express yourself via the process of taking this class. In addition to instructing students in the great art of acting, the primary focus of this course is to encourage students to explore their own unique selves. You can take part in an acting class for one month for a total cost of INR 25,000.

3. Drama School Mumbai

This institution first began operating in 2013 with the intention of developing a young generation of theatrical creators. This educational establishment has a distinguished alum network that includes many award-winning performers, playwrights, directors, designers, and producers. Its mission is to assist aspiring artists in establishing successful careers in the performing arts. In the one-year PG program, you will learn not only how to act but also how to create and run your own business.

4. The Jeff Goldberg Studio

This particular theatre is a training and acting studio that helps aspiring actors, directors, and screenwriters develop their skills. It has been a blessing to the community of artists since it has provided a platform for up-and-coming artists to perform in front of an attentive audience. The training lasts for a total of three months, and the price is approximately INR 1,00,000.


Research demonstrates that theatre enhances the brains and lives of individuals who engage in and enjoy it in several ways. Also, in many ways, the five Senses Theatre Group enhance your personality. 

At this time, it almost seems redundant to note that students who study in theatre also receive training in theatre. Most students who decide to major in theatre do so with the expectation that it would educate them for a future in the performing arts, and it will. At Five Senses Theatre Group, students are taught to use their entire selves, including their voices, bodies, thoughts, and emotions, to create magic on stage.

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